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Farewell 2014: Third & Grove Year in Review

Jan 16 '15

happy 2015 yay woo hooIt is that time of year again. …A time to reflect on 2014, what worked (and what didn'’t work), our successes, stumbles, and highlights. It is also a time to look forward and set new goals for 2015. We want to thank our partners and clients for making this year a memorable one. Over this time we have watched our company grow and thrive, we have worked on exciting projects across a diverse set of industries, moved offices, and doubled our team.

Working at a digital agency things happen fast, technologies come and go, projects are conceptualized, built, launched and delivered. So we want to take this time to pause, reflect, and share with you some of our favorite moments of 2014 and what we are looking forward to in the new year!

Third & Grove Company Highlights in 2014 

1) Highlight from 2014 was launching This next year I would like to double the size of the company - Justin 

2) Getting hired (to the coolest company ever). Looking forward to seeing more sun in 2015! - Josh 

3) Adopting new technologies for social good such as the fledgling site Fiiiling, where you can go to a participating e-commerce site, buy as you usually do and at the checkout process add a small contribution to any one of selected causes. I also love Social Coin, a way to turn employees and clients into brand ambassadors around social values.  - Antonella

4) Adopting drupal best practices: it made a huge difference on how I now approach a website creation workflow. As a computer engineer, I’m really looking forward to VR/Head-mounted displays and tracking. Immersive experiences are an amazing new thing to experience in tech. I built a Google Cardboard for 3 dollars and boy was it an impressive experience for 3 dollars. - Pavel

5) Favorite highlight from 2014: taking over on SuperGrouper to move it forward towards release! Can't wait to get a fresh start on new projects, exploring new javascript technologies, perhaps picking up something like Sails.js or Geddy.js. – Willow 

6) In 2014 I found that working remotely does not get in the way of working together. It's kind of strange to us in Barcelona to not meet personally but I think I got used to it and I liked it. For 2015 I expect to get some European projects that we can work together on with our US team! – Jaume

7) 2014 highlight: I passed the Acquia Drupal certification test and achieved the Acquia Certified Developer certification. I can't wait to try out the new Drupal 8 features. Also, I'm excited about Microsoft making a lot of their .NET platform open source – I can't wait to see what people will do with it. – Brandon 

8) The highlight would be the overall learning (more CSS, more mailchimp, more wordpress, drupal). I also had lots of fun helping out with the production for Digital Realty, diving deep into the Salesforce environments. I'm quite excited about the Acquia Lift technology and the possibilities of delivering personalized content, testing A/B solutions, etc. I am also excited to work with more mobile device apps & technology from a design standpoint. – Damia

9) I loved learning and adopting new technologies like Talend. I really wish I would have known about it months ago. In terms of transforming data from one source and preparing it to be loaded somewhere else, it is great for an open source solution. In 2015 I am looking forward to getting back to developing a tool to manage and control computer clusters. I have always been interested in distributed computing, but I have not worked on it for over a year now. Looking forward to picking it back up where I left off. – Curtis 

10) This past year I really enjoyed using Invision to share designs and collaborate with clients. Our client even used it for a presentation to the end users, rather than having to spend hours compiling them into a powerpoint. This next year I am looking forward to working on the major accounts for which we have projects starting. This is going to be a big year for TAG! – Arianna 

11) Working on Supergrooper – great to work on an in-house project, where our team has complete freedom to design and develop the app. Cannot wait to see Supergrooper iterate to a higher level.  I would love to work on a project involving some of my passions – film, music, architecture. – Jack 

12) Rebranding our company and launching our new  site was super fun! I am looking forward to working with companies who are pushing boundaries with experiential technologies, and are making the world a better place. – Rosemary 

13) Launching Our Fantastic Innovation Studio in SF!  It 's been a great place to explore ideas and design solutions with it's open and laidback environment. – Tony 

14) This year I transferred from our SF office to our Cambridge office. Working closer to our engineers has allowed me to learn a lot about Drupal. I’m looking forward to traveling more for client on-site meetings. I am also looking forward to learning much more about Magento. – Arian 

15) Working on Williams-Sonoma’s To the Trade site for designers. Having a design background, I could relate to the product and I also had worked with the same team in the past and it’s always fun to be reconnected with great people. We have such a wide variety of sites on our plate that I’m excited to see what more variation we can bring to the table in 2015. Every project has been a different experience which drives me to learn more. – Maria

16) Working with such a motivated and talented team is a highlight every day. Building was my personal highlight. We had built several similar marketing sites before it and I think mint represented a real crystallization of our approach to a site like that in Drupal. I also loved learning angular for Housegoat. In 2015 I look forward to building some challenging javascript single page load apps. – Mike

17) was an awesome tool for analyzing our client's web-app and we were able to make some solid performance gains. Looking forward to Lockheed's fusion reactor prototype. – Brian