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Dec 16 '14
mint goes drupal third and grove
Third and Grove relaunches on Drupal

Today Third and Grove worked with to relaunch their site with a brand new logo, a new site design, mobile support, and a new platform: Drupal 7!

After helping Intuit launch on Drupal we started to work on building in Drupal. The legacy Wordpress platform was no longer able to scale to the needs of the marketing team and the growing body of content on the site. With an eye towards support for content personalization (using the awesome Acquia Lift - more to come soon!) an enterprise content platform was needed. Drupal was the perfect fit.

The previous theme was sized for desktop only. Full mobile support was very important to the Intuit team so we built a mobile-first, fully responsive HTML5 theme.

We used the excellent Wordpress Migrate module to automate the migration of content from Wordpress to Drupal and some custom code to Drupalfy the content as it was brought in. We used analytics reports to build a cache warmer for launch (so Varnish was fully cached before the DNS was pointed at the site) and automated audit tools to create all of the redirects we needed with the Redirect module to ensure no SEO juju was lost on migration. gets hundreds of millions of monthly pageviews and is an Alexa top 250 site, so we had to ensure everything was built to scale, from the Drupal configuration, to the theme, to Varnish, and to the CDN. Our tuning checklist, launch checklist, experience with high-traffic Drupal, battle-tested SASS coding guidelines, and deployment processes using Acquia Cloud hooks were all crucial for a successful launch. And the rock-solid Acquia Enterprise platform was a huge win.

This project was especially personal for me as I have been a user and fan almost since inception and still log in at least once a week to the app. Mint helps me manage my finances and provides the absolute best dashboard for personal finance of any tool I have used. Working on the site was a dream come true.

Special thanks to Michael, Janin, Rhys, Larry, Ben, Steve, Mike, Anthony, Jack, Arianna, Antonella, and Jaume for their amazing work on this project.