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In With the New! AMP Pages Increase Client Traffic by 90%

Jan 23 '17

Google has a reputation for being a bit enigmatic when it comes to what website elements they favor the most and how much they favor them in rankings. The trick to unlocking portions of their algorithm is to read between the lines of their changes and test. One of the beats that has caught our attention in the Third & Grove strategy department is the implementation of AMP (accelerated mobile pages) and its adoption in the search results pages.

AMP is an open-source effort to make mobile web browsing faster and adapt to it being the new status quo. Google has been humming the tune of AMP for nearly a year, and creeping up on Q4 of last year, began featuring these results more prominently. Large brands like Reddit, eBay, Bing and Pinterest announced that they would be adopting AMP in big ways, showing real growth in its popularity. Drupal is also an early adopter with an open and well supported module.

The growth of AMP online

Seeing the writing on the wall, we decided to test AMP on a small segment of a global publishing client’s site, one that sees 10-figure traffic monthly. We’ve seen Google roll back support for products or initiatives in the past, so we didn’t want to commit resources to a sitewide implementation without testing it first. And so far the tests have proven that AMP has some strong potential. Even just the first two weeks of results were incredible. We increased the average daily mobile traffic for that segment by 90%, and increased new visitors using mobile devices by 125%. Since our client makes revenue from display ads based on new pageviews, this increase means an immediate growth in their bottom line.

real time results of AMP page testing

We initially tested a segment of our client’s site, so the next steps for us are to apply the AMP changes to more pages on the site and continue to monitor the change. Once we’ve collected all the data for the before and after we will release our case study and let you know how we did it. Stay tuned!

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