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TAG is now 100% Acquia Drupal Certified

Jun 04 '15

I'm pleased to report that Third & Grove's Drupal engineering team is now 100% Acquia Drupal certified.

We were thrilled when Acquia announced the Drupal certification exam. Acquia is the only organization with the creditability in the community to provide this certification and is just the right entity to back it up. A lack of a certification was becoming a real issue as Drupal increasingly grows into the enterprise CMS space.

Technology certification programs are an important part of a growing, increasingly enterprise-focused, healthy, open-source ecosystem. They simplify the adoption of technologies by organizations that don't yet have expertise in that space by making recruiting easier. More importantly, they reduce the risk of an organization adopting what is to them a foreign technology by providing a mechanism to measure ability. Technology leadership in business is, at least in part, about reducing risk. Certification exams do just that.

While we consider the Drupal certification exam to be a fair and accurate test of Drupal ability, remember that certification exams do not need to be perfect to be effective and valuable, they just need to be good enough.

As we add engineers to our rapidly growing Drupal team (we are hiring!) we plan to get them certified once their on-boarding is complete. This will ensure that as our team grows we will be able to continue to meet the extremely high standards I expect from every single one of the engineers at Third & Grove. We take pride in our work and I expect the very best from every engineer on our team.

If you make a living as a Drupal engineer (or want to!) you should take the certification exam. Learn more about it on Acquia's Drupal Certification page.