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TAG Replatforms Fintech Firm TPG Capital on Drupal 8

Mar 23 '16


TPG Capital launches on Drupal 8

This week we’re thrilled to announce the launch of TPG Capital on Drupal 8. TPG is one of the first enterprise-level fintech companies to move to the platform, and we were excited to be able to bring all of Drupal 8’s great new features to the project.

One of the primary goals was to leverage Drupal’s success as a digital empowerment platform for TPG’s marketing teams, who wanted the ability to make changes to content on the fly and try out new messaging approaches. At the same time, the financial industry’s stringent legal and regulatory requirements demanded that TPG’s platform be flexible enough to meet the specific needs of the sector and offer a high level of security. Overall, TPG’s objective was to mirror their cutting-edge business practices with the latest in modern website design and branding, and Drupal 8 was the right choice.

We built a responsive, mobile-first site featuring newer CSS features like Flexbox and CSS animations and reduced the site’s reliance on Compass by introducing autoprefixer. We also built a Drupal 8 version of Swiftype for the search component, and contributed it back to the community.

Our recent hire of catch, one of the five Drupal 8 core maintainers, was a big part of our success in this project. We were able to hit the ground running with our D8 site build, helping TPG Capital re-engage digitally with their audience. Drupal 8’s promise has been fully realized, and we look forward to our upcoming ventures on the platform!

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