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The evolution of Third & Grove's logo

Apr 20 '16

You may have noticed our website's recent facelift: new colors and a tuned-up logo. When Tony and I started Third & Grove, our primary goal was to create a culture where everyone on the team (us included) would learn from each other. If we got just a tiny bit better every day, we felt victorious.

We aren't afraid to turn that yen for improvement even further inward, challenging ourselves to elevate our brand as we grow as a company. This is what drove us to the make the changes we rolled out earlier this month, and will continue to drive us as we adapt and improve.

I thought it would be fun to share the old iterations of our logo to show a small segment of our brand journey.

The earliest version of our logo originates with one of the two companies that eventually merged to become Third & Grove:

Original logo of Grove Street Studios

The binary tree was our expression of our worldview. It may be an increasingly digital universe, but it's still about what it's always been about: people in the real world.

We built this logo into the first version that used our name, Third & Grove:

Original Third & Grove logo

For version 2.0 we wanted to refine the color pallete, fonts, and style:

Third & Grove logo, version 2.0


And finally, our recently released version focused further on color use and font style:

Third & Grove logo, version 3.0



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