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Third & Grove becomes a Magento partner, reflecting leadership in the contextual shopping space

Apr 12 '16

TAG becomes Magento partner

I’m pleased to announce that in recognition of our leadership in the contextual commerce and enterprise Magento space, Third & Grove have become Magento partners. I’m very excited to be attending this year’s Magento Imagine conference for the first time with our CEO, Justin Emond.

Since starting Third & Grove, we have been focusing TAG’s efforts on an exciting and emerging trend in online retail: contextual shopping. Put simply, contextual shopping uses a presentation that mimics how people actually shop—they don't want a product; they want an aspirational experience. Contextual shopping extends the typical browse-and-buy flow and leads with rich content over product.

We have established Third & Grove as a user experience and technology leader in this space by employing our well-established enterprise content management and digital engagement platform expertise. Most recently, we delivered a great new site for LVHM’s Benefit Cosmetics.

We work with lots of enterprise content systems but we are most known for enterprise Drupal and Drupal 8. In 2014, we launched one of the first contextual commerce platforms in the United States for Dwell. We wrote the Drupal-Magento connectors still used today by most sites to connect Drupal and Magento and, in the spirit of open source, contributed that work back to the community (we are strong believers in open source).

We are excited to deepen our relationship with the Magento community and continue to empower our clients with the compelling mashup of content and commerce that drives online sales and digital engagement.

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