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Third & Grove’s Work Recognized for Excellent Mobile UX Front End

Oct 27 '15

We’re pleased to announce that our front end work on the responsive design for Intuit’s relaunched was featured this month on as an example of how to customize UX for mobile. The article focused on best practices when it comes to shaping user interaction with a mobile device and, critically, the different expectations users have for a site when viewed on something other than a desktop.

The mobile UX platform for was singled out for its super-speedy load times and clean, attractive presentation, as well as great UX tools like thumbprint access on the iPhone and intuitive gesture control for moving between elements. Congrats once again to the team that worked on this exciting project, especially our lead front-end designer, Anthony, and our partner developer Larry at Intuit. Here’s to more of these fun responsive challenges in the future!

View full article: How to Customize UX for Mobile

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