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What I'm loving about the new Axure RP 7 (so far)

Jan 24 '14

It’s only officially been out since December (beta has been out since July), but here are the features I’m loving about the new Axure v7.

Work those widgets.

In v6.5, you must convert widgets to dynamic panels in order to show/hide/move them in your case operations. Now all widgets have actions that used to be limited to panels… so no more converting! Even more powerful is the ability to combine these interactions with dynamic panels, allowing you to control all widget interactions within a dynamic panel.

With v7 also come new widget events. The most useful I have found so far are OnDoubleClick, OnContextMenu, and OnMouseHover. Widgets are also easier to make hi-fi with enhanced borders, shading etc.

No more lightbox hacks!

If you have tried to create lightbox functionality, you know the hoops you have to jump through to get this to work. Axure v7 comes with a lighbox feature. The tutorial for this can be found here. Oh yeah, they updated all of the tutorials for v7, so no rookie product update mistakes there.

What the @#$% did I just build?

The new Preview and Publish buttons right in the menu make it much easier to generate previews of functionality you are building while you are working (I could never get that one-page prototype feature to work in v6.5). The one-click Preview generates the prototype and takes you to the page you are working on. You can also chose from a host of options in the Publish menu, such as generating your prototype without the sitemap.

The upgrade to 7 is easy and it is free to any current users, but beware if you are using shared RP files that everyone in your organization should upgrade to access and modify prototypes.

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