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Why ranking in the Clutch 1000 matters to us

Dec 19 '18

Clutch 1000 badgeClutch has an annual process where they shine a spotlight on the companies who ranked best on their platform for the past year. This year, they included an interesting new category called the Clutch 1000 which is composed of the top B2B service providers around the world.

We did pretty well if we say so ourselves. We tallied the number of B2B companies and it looks like our ranking puts us in the top 98% of B2B companies out there—not too shabby.

We’ve always focused our energies on being exceptional in a few key areas, such as Drupal which we consistently rank in the top 10 on the marketplace. But that doesn’t take away that we’re stoked to be prominently recognized in the Clutch 1000. It’s our nature to want to get closer to the number one spot but being recognized in the same pool as the elite caliber agencies is a good wrap up to 2018.

We’re in the process of rebranding TAG and unveiling plans for 2019 that will further position us on the cutting edge of trends in commerce and content. It’s our goal that we can keep delivering modern and meaningful solutions for our clients—and with luck and a lot of elbow grease, our progress will be reflected in our 2019 Top 1000 ranking.

But here’s why that really matters to us: Clutch’s algorithm relies heavily on user-generated reviews. If we improve on the Clutch 1000 in 2019, that won’t be a metric of our success but more so about our clients’ success.